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Hooked Stories

While freelancing, I occasionally wrote stories for Hooked. These stories are in text conversation format, and they're very popular on Snapchat and the Hooked app. I provided a link to one, but they're best viewed on the Hooked Snapchat story.

1000 - 1500 words each

The Engagement Ring

Bryce, a heartbroken guy that lost the love of his life last year, suddenly finds her engagement ring even though he thought she mysteriously drowned.

Realistic Fiction - 887 words

Kat sees her abusive ex's car sitting outside of her work one day and hopes that her friend and fellow co-worker, Addi, will be able to do something about it.

Realistic Fiction - 750 words

The Car Outside

The Things He Did

Mia and Summer have been friends for as long as they can remember. However, as soon as Summer befriends Mia's ex, things start to spiral out of control.


Realistic Fiction/Young Adult - 3984 words

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