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We Foster Dogs

This site is all about helping dogs at risk of euthanasia find foster homes, which is something I'm very passionate about. I help create blog posts and website content while also coming up with ideas for how to make the site reach more people.


This website is all about creating articles that help people find perfect gifts for their loved ones. I regularly come up with topics and writer, format, and publish articles.


I worked with this popular dog blog for over 4 years. I was regularly assigned new projects, including viral stories, informational posts, and SEO content. I was in charge of writing, formatting, and adding media to the posts in WordPress. 


I occasionally write articles for this website. They post list articles where readers can rank the items up or down depending on if they agree with them or not. Each list involved a decent amount of research.

Pet Mojo

On this site, I chose pet-related topics and then wrote articles and found images for them. The articles typically involved care, behavior, or fun facts.

Wildlife Explored

For this website, I researched a wide variety of animals and wrote articles about them. I was also in charge of finding appropriate images and formatting the blog posts.


I regularly wrote and edited articles for this site, which includes a variety of travel and lifestyle posts, such as popular tourist attractions, hotels, and family travel tips.

Spoil My Pets

This is a pet website that I occasionally wrote articles for when needed. This includes dogs and cats, as well as certain pet products that I had to research and write descriptions for.

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