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Save Our Dogs

Molly Weinfurter

Like most kids, Paisley has always dreamed of getting a dog. But when she’s finally given a beautiful Dalmatian puppy for her 12th birthday, she also learns that her parents have been running a secret dog breeding business for years. 


The dogs are kept in an old barn 24/7, and while it seems odd to Paisley, she trusts that her parents know what they’re doing. She’s eager to help her mom and dad care for the breeding dogs at first, but over time, she suspects that her parents might not be treating the dogs well. 


Once Paisley learns that her parents’ business is really a puppy mill, she only has one thing on her mind: saving the dogs.

Save Our Dogs Molly Weinfurter

Available June 18th

eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover

Ages 9+

Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Animal

Interested in Reading?

Pre-Order eBook on Amazon (Paperback and Hardcover aren't available until 6/18/2024)

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