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Molly Weinfurter

Writer, Specializing in Dog Content

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Writer Molly Weinfurter with dog


"Save Our Dogs" Out Now!

6/18/2024 - My first book, "Save Our Dogs," is out now! It's a fictional middle grade book about a girl whose parents run a puppy mill. I wrote it as a fun way to educate readers, especially kids, about puppy mills and the importance of getting a dog from a reputable source. Check out the Save Our Dogs page on this site to see where to buy it.

New Website!

2/15/2024 - I've recently set up my own pet content site called Mutts About Pets. It's a way for me to experiment with SEO content to see how many views I can get on my own. It will have a wide variety of pet-related topics, so feel free to check it out! (This site differs from Mabel the Rescue Dog because it's not from my dog's point of view and it has long, more educational posts, while Mabel's site is just for fun.)

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